Client Testimonials



COO - Recruiterbox

Avantika helped us setup the Recruiterbox Bangalore office space a little over 2 years ago. When we took up the space, it was an open shell. The vision we had for the space was simple - from within these walls, the team needed to be inspired to build world class software products.


Avantika took to the project like a duck to water. She took full ownership right from figuring out the layout, internal design, furniture, furnishings, lighting...all the way until the space was occupied by the team and their feedback was addressed. We ended up creating a space where we achieved a great balance between aesthetic and function - that's usually a difficult balance to achieve, but Avantika did it with a smile and a spring in her step.


It was great working with Avantika, and I hope our professional paths cross again in the future.


Harshit Agarwal

CEO- Appknox

Avantika helped Appknox not only build a workplace but also help us build a culture. She designed the space in our budget ensuring everybody in the team has their individual space and also secondary spaces to work from otherwise. She is dedicated and delivers more than promised. Glad to work with her! All the best and keep the spirit.


Nivedita Kanan

People Operations: Recruiterbox

When we wanted to move to a new office space, we started asking for recommendations for space designers and met with a few traditional and run of the mill design agencies. Avantika was introduced to us by a mutual connection and turned out to be a very interesting person to work with. She told us, when she met us, that she is a Behavioural Space Designer - someone who spent some time with the team before starting the design effort. We liked her approach and brought her onboard. She spent almost a month with us, took photographs, participated in our meetings, ate with us and understood our style of working thoroughly. She then held a design sprint with us and got us all to contribute. All our team members sent her wishlists, links of what they liked etc. and most of the practical and reasonable asks were factored in :) To cut a long story short, she was receptive, thorough, creative and firm when she had to be. She is a doer and doesn't think any task (including sweeping and cleaning the space) is below her and is very organized. All things that she could control were taken care of seamlessly and with minimal supervision from our end. Her eye for design, aesthetics and functional necessities sets her apart from any design agency we've interacted with so far. It was a sheer joy to watch her work and to also partner with her on some of the smaller projects within the space. Looking forward to working with her again - thanks, Avan - for all the sleepless nights, crazy long days and your never ending patience! We love where we work now <3

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